11 SEPTEMBER, 2020 – OCTOBER 31, 2020 
Address Spain: Poligono Nueva Campana, Local 37B, Nueva Andalucia, Marbella
For more information contact Mattias Tönnheim + 46 704 – 411 914
Opening hours anytime by appointment. Welcome.

The former Spanish based artist Maiju Tirri makes her first collaboration with Wadström Tönnheim Gallery when she exhibits her new series of sculptures made out of recycled glass, resin and paint. 

– The globe is getting warmer. And fast. Glaciers are melting. New forms of devastating natural disasters and climate change are occurring. Everything is happening rapidly. The melting of glaciers due to global warming is expected to have devastating consequences. We have to wake up to the fierce urgency and act to prevent further damages to our earth and save ourselves from ourselves. Because I think and believe that we do care. And that we can do our part. These art pieces with a resemblance of ice are just a reminder for us all, that even small actions matter, says the Finish artist Maiju Tirri.

Finnish artist Maiju Tirri has lived by the frozen sea and been surrounded by ice and snow most of her childhood winters. She has always been overwhelmed by the beauty of the winters, which no longer are as cold and white as the used to be. Maiju has therefor created art around this theme to do her part and awaken us. Something fascinating and beautiful is made out of the ugly truth to touch the soul of the viewer. Maiju Tirri uses recycled glass, resin and paint to create the illusion of ice.

Maiju Tirri, based in Helsinki (Finland), has had various solo and group exhibitions around Europe. Her large abstract works are has in various public and private collections in Europe, Middle East and US. And she has a degree in Arts and Design from Finland’s South west Institute of Arts and Crafts.

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