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Maiju Tirri (1970, Finland) is an internationally acclaimed contemporary artist, who is known for creating soulful and highly detailed art that resonates to art collectors all over the world. 


She graduated as Bachelor of Arts 1993, and has had various solo and group exhibitions in London UK, Hamptons NY USA, Italy, France, Monaco, Gibraltar, Spain, and Finland. Her art is held in collections in Europe, The Middle East and USA. 


The artist divides her time between Spain and Finland, getting inspired by the controversies of the two different landscapes. Mediterranean sea, fascinating Spanish atmosphere and the colorful nature play as important roles in her art as do the snow, frozen sea, unique Finnish archipelago, distinctive four seasons with their changing lights and incredible colors that do not exist anywhere else in the world. 


“As an artist, my philosophy is to search and convey the harmony and goodness in my work. My essential mission is to give powerful positive experience through my art. My abstract expressionism paintings portray the world’s and life’s continuous movement and change, coming together as the present and the eternity. “


Maiju Tirri's works tell many stories and are open to various interpretations. Dialogues between the Finnish artist and the powerful forces of nature and between the urban culture and the wilderness of the northern landscape have left their multi-resonance signs and messages on the canvas. Strong colours, beautifully constructed layers and exquisite details are her trademarks, blending harmoniously into her timeless art. She has been exploring various materials and techniques, having strong affinity also to glass art along the paintings she got known for.


Maiju Tirri is represented by several galleries, yet she accepts direct inquiries of her available pieces and works largely on bespoke orders. 


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